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Saturday 26st, July 10:37:5 Am
Top 10 Fastest Rappers (Accurate List)


Decade-End Top Artists - Interactive. Diehard fans, music nerds and critics love lists. But in rap, rankings like this take on a special level of import aside from moving a crowd shouts to Rakim, MC means proving you’re the best.

In no other genre do artists so blatantly express their desire to outdo competition.

That made Billboard's editorial list a more high-stakes undertaking than usual. Many favorites - Kane, Drake, KRS - didn’t make it, and each of those omissions hurts deep down.

Note we’re ranking these folks as MCs, not artists. Dre and Kanye West, for example, two l. These emcees are lucky they don’t receive more speeding tickets. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Fastest Rappers of All time.

For this list, we’ll be listening to rappers like Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Daveed Diggs, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, R.A. Who is the best selling rapper of all time? Take a look at Decluttr's top ten most successful rap artists their albums that have defined the genre! Rapping also known as rhyming, MCing and spitting, is one of the most successful and largest music genres in the world, more particularly in America. Rap originally dates back to early Griot traditions, where historians and praise singers would tell stories to the rhythm of a drum beat. Presenting the top 10 greatest rappers of all time based on over K votes from fans like you.

Vote on the hip hop rap artist you think should be number one. He is also considered to be one of the best rappers of all time. Knowledge and lyricism, A MC not just a Rapper.

He knows brings discussions, He did that with hip hop is dead and the untitled album He gives you something to think about. I suck at making Top 10 lists. LOL I forgot Jay-z in my top replace Lupe with Jay. I’ve written way too many times on these forums what makes BIG a legend and undeniable GOAT and I just can’t write it again and people probably don’t want to read it either but there is a really good argument for why BIG should be on there and Kendrick just isn’t there yet though I think he will be. Finally, a definitive list of the best rappers of all time, ranked by fans all over the world.

From old school to current artists, this list counts down rap's best lyricists and game changers in history. Lil' Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Eminem, Andre, and Tupac are among the top hip-hop artists that appear on this amazing countdown. Top 10 Current Queries in BandsMusicians bad movie guy good quiz night names Best Drag songs frat boy names funniest joe rogan podcasts ps1 vs games hole in the wall song wwf superstars of wrestling cast thor ragnarok easter eggs sun chip flavors.

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Here’s a list of the top 30 greatest rappers of all time. Tupac Amaru Shakur also known by his stage names and Makaveli, was an American rapper. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.
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After attending the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson WBA Heavyweight Championship title fight at the MGM Grand, Pac was shot four times by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas he died six days later and the gunman was never captured.

The themes of most of Tupac’s songs are the violence and hardship in inner cities, racism, and conflicts with other rap. Let’s break down the top 10 rappers of all time in terms of albums sold. Biggie is often named as one of the top emcee’s of all-time if not the best of all-time in lists even 20 years after his untimely death at the age of What’s even more amazing is that he still cracks the top ten on this list despite only releasing two albums in his lifetime.

He still left a gigantic imprint on the genre and music as a whole. He had bars and probably the best flow of any rapper ever. There’s nothing small about the rapper whose original moniker was Biggie Smalls.

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To figure out who deserves to be named the best rapper of all time, you have to go back and listen to the classics, analyse some of the best verses to ever be placed over a beat and look at the body of work of those who many consider to hold the prestigious title.

So, do you want to know who has the best bars in the business, or who made the biggest impact on hip hop. These 10 great rappers each represent the distinct fusion of voice, storytelling ability, creativity, and general influence through the microphone.

For the Wu, GZA added the best lyrical dexterity to a group that included Method Man’s Hollywood appeal, Ghostface Killah’s abstract style, Raekwon’s hustle, RZA’s production, and the late ODB’s outrageous griminess. Method Man proclaimed, we form like Voltron and GZA is the head. The GZA’s delivery was smooth, yet authoritative, as he often dismissed the typical rap storylines of nightclubs, provocative women, and tough-talk gun-play in favor of science and wide-ranging philosophies. The BET Hip-Hop Awards are a fairly meaningless annual event, except for one thing They’re where we get to see the Cyphers, the video series where a random assortment of rappers some stars, some has-beens, some up-and-comers, some legacy figures, some complete unknowns go in over the same rickety old-school beats.

The Cyphers were nothing much to write home about, even though the Lil WayneKevin Hart bit was fun. But as an institution, it’s always been consistently entertaining even when it’s been terrible. The first BET Cypher, 10 years ago, featured Lupe Fiasco pretending to claw a. Kanye Omari West born June 8, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer.

His musical career has been marked by dramatic changes in styles, incorporating an eclectic range of influences including soul, baroque pop, electro, indie rock, With over albums shipped and claims of over million albums sold College dropout is Kanyes best selling album.

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Eminem - best selling rapper of all time, also the only rapper to have 2 diamond albums, he is a rapper that dominates in almost every category of rap including wordplay, multi-syllable rhymes, story-telling, delivery or flow.

Eminem literally outclassed Jay-Z in his own track Renegade He is the only rapper nobody wants to fuck with, and if they do then its suicide. So my most stable and current list of the top 10 rappers, in terms of skill related to all the categories in hip-hop Eminem - best selling rapper of all time, also the only rapper to have 2 diamond albums, he is a rapper that dominates in almost every category of rap including wordplay, multi-syllable rhymes, story-telling, delivery or flow. Think you know who are the Top 10 Richest Rappers of All Time?

Check Yo Head' at She is the only female rapper in the list with the total net worth of 80 million. She has paired up with Eminem, Jay Z and Lil Wayne several times to get the best for the public.

She has also been named as the hottest rapper of the industry due to curvy and well maintained figure which she loves to expose.

She saw new heights of success after the launch of her album Pink Friday. She started her career with special appearances in different rap videos. I went online and found 20 Top 10 Greatest rappers of all time lists, ranging from sources like Billboard and MTV to other lesser known sites like PPcorn and Hubpages.

Overall, I grabbed all the Top 10 rappers and put them in a spreadsheet, averaged out the rankings, and have compiled the list of the Top 10 rappers of all time, based on the data of these 20 websites. This is strictly for fun, this has nothing to do with proving a point and showing who truly is the greatest rapper. It turns out that there are so many great rappers out there, that it’s hard to properly choose 10 of the best out of the pool. These rappers will forever be great to me though. After seeing bet list i had to do this who do you think are the real ten best rappers to ever do it why.

Rate them from based on this things 1 lyrical abilities 2 how good their albums are 3 message behind their songs. Kanye West - interior the path of the twine 2. Drake - Any Mixtape music formerly the repute 4. Chamillionaire - Get On my point 6. Youngster Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My life 9. Wiz Khalifa - This airplane Biggie - super Poppa.

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This Top 50 list was recently shared on Twitter, with the posters knowing full well there would be some pushback. The Brew Podcast TheBrewPodcast1.
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Any list where Drake isn’t in the top 10 of best rappers of all time is just stupid. TopPM - 06 Aug Reply Retweet Favorite. But at the end of the day, doesn't it all come down to personal opinions and tastes? It’s impossible to make an actual list of best rappers in order because every rapper has different strengths and there are different categories within rap so every list is gonna be inaccurate.

PM - 06 Aug Reply Retweet Favorite. Are you enjoying these Top 50 rappers of all-t. We ranked the top 50 best rappers according to flow, only. Little did you know, it's a big day for us. After months of meeting, listening, discussing and deb If this were a list of the fifty best rapper deliveries of all time, Bay Area legend E would certainly fit in strongly. Because we’re looking at flows, Forty may not be as high as some would imagine but, regardless of his placement, his influence and cadence basically go unmatched.

In a world where so many people can potentially have the it factor to become a star, E has something that you just can’t coach a flow as smooth as filtered water. If you see a Cole feature, you can bet he’s walking away with the standout verse. BET revealed their controversial list of the Top 10 Rappers Of The Century’ a few hours ago on a televised special.

Check out the list, as well a video detailing how the panelists made their decisions, below. BET’s Top 10 Rappers of the Century. The last time I checked most of the people on that list have accredited to Eminem being the best of all time. Been meaning to get into the beautiful, sinister RB of Abel Tesfaye? Marvin's Room was too spartan to ever crack the top 20, but there’s no doubt it’s the boldest thing the Canadian has ever recorded.

Sad, sweet, a little bit funny, a leap of faith that launched Drake straight to the top. I wish we had video evidence of what it was like in the studio when Drake first laid down Worst Behavior. Take some advice from one of the greatest rappers of all time. 11 new Drake lyrics for your Instagram captions.

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Most of his songs are awesome like and MOMM Murder On My Mind. He needs to work with NBA Youngboy and Lil Uzi in my opinion. Ynw Melly - Blue Balenciagas Music Video. If he was still alive he would put 6ixand every other similar rapper out of business. He was cocky to the opps and rival gangs, but that’s how he got shot. R.I.P to one of the greatest of rap. Official Twitter for BET Networks. Home of - - - - BET40 - New York, NY. This article lists the top 25, and exactly how much they're currently worth in Lamar has been regarded by many as one of the most influential rappers of his time.

In fact, his popularity has meant that he’s recently reached this list, even when most of the people featured here have been in the industry for far longer than him. As of, Kendrick Lamar’s net worth is estimated to be 75 million. Dre is considered to be one of the best hip hop producers of all time.

Andre Young started his career with N.W.A in the 80’s, and then went solo. He is also the founder of the Beats by Dr. Dre series, which was sold to Apple for 3 billion several years ago. Betfred - Bet 10 Get 30 Bonus. The Betfred brand has existed for more than half a century and in that time it has built a substantial following of dedicated fans. Betfred offers generous Welcome Bonuses of up to, regular reload bonuses, and a wide selection of sports that are popular in the UK and across Europe.

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I definetly think the best rapper of all time is tupac.i mean his writing style,of course u know he doesnt use punch lines and still he fken dominated the rap game and still does comiong out with the cd s hes still coming out with.i eman u know that loyal to the game didnt really sound like. Tupac excepts for his rapping but the beats were totally off the scale bad for his should just quit rapping cause now hes trash his new shit is just wack cause he just fools around to much and just talks about his life when hes rich as somogymegye.ush but i hope his new one is goo. Who are the best poker players of all time?

With so many card room legends to choose from, picking the top five was never going to be easy. Money won from cards was usually squandered on sports bets. In the early eighties, he developed a cocaine addiction that would torment him for the rest of his life. He constantly went from millionaire to bust and would often solicit loans for drugs under the pretence of rebuilding his poker bankroll.

The Top 10 Board Games of All Time.

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Top 10 Fastest Rappers of All Time - YouTube.

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Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Fastest Rappers of All time. For this list, we’ll be listening to rappers like Tech N9ne, Yelawolf Top 10 Best Rappers Greatest Rap Artists. Every superhero needs a theme song, and every great rapper needs a dope beat.

Debates in hip-hop are often reserved for rappers themselves Who’s the best MCs Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas?, there are countless producers in the genre’s plus-year history who deserve praise for doing with sounds what MCs have been doing with words, and changing the world in the process.

After all, what's a revolution without a soundtrack? As much as we’d love to celebrate each and every legend who has blessed us from behind the boards, there’s only a select number of hip-hop producers who des But here, in alphabetical order, are the eight hip-hop producers who deserve to be called the Greatest of All Time. Kuro - Puting the 'Kur' back in 'inkurable disease.' Flavor Flav isn't a bad rapper, I've listened to Public Enemy and they have some really good lyrics.

Now Soulja Boy may be the worst but he hasn't been out long enough. I agree with Fred Durst being on there along with Shaq. Vanilla Ice really wasn't all that bad and why was Nelly on there, he actually had one of the biggest rap careers out of the whole list. Contact Me If you want a sig, seriously contact me, I have nothing better to do. Eminem best rapper of all time.

THIS is Eminem aka Marshall Mathers? Okay, I have to say I never thought I would see Eminem in a tux. T I the Rapper Rapper T.I., who is in the top box office movie Takers, and wife See more. Ice Cube is the one of the best rappers ever I don't know about the rapping, but how could you not love his smile.

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Snoop Dogg- Million Net Worth. When it comes to rapping, you can’t miss mentioning Snoop Dogg.

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He’s one of the most in-demand artists this year. In fact, he has been nominated in different record award shows 97 times and won 26 times.

Snoop Dogg has this charming, laid-back personality which attracts fans from all over the world. Even if he suddenly stops dropping any album, he will still be an icon of pop-culture history. Several years afterward, he has become one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

His million record sales and 21 Grammys are proof of this. He also has a long list of business ventures including D'Usse Cognac and Roc Nation. But times change, rappers come and go, and it’s time to update the list with some deserving new blood. We don’t expect to settle things for good, but we’ve made it our mission to give full weight to the generation of rappers who happened to be born too late to partake in the golden era of hip-hop - while balancing pure lyricism, MC skills, persona quality, level of braggadocio, and overall effect on the world at large.

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Top 10 Fastest Rappers of All Time These emcees are lucky they don’t receive more speeding tickets.
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Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Fastest Rappers of All time. For this list, we’ll be listening t. This bookie made its name in the European betting markets, but now has a base in London and welcomes UK punters with open arms.

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Start by marking Top 10 Rappers Of The Century Raps To Riches Pt 1 as Want to Read Want to Read saving Want to Read. Top 10 Rappers Of The by Stevie Thompson. A lot might read this and say no he shouldn’t be in that spot. Well the truth is this a list of the artist who are solo, which made an impact in the rap game, has a lot of twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other digital fans.

Who also have millions of albums sold, great lyrics, great subject matter in their songs and of course their money is oh so long with the bank because of their enormous record sales. We will start at 10 and count down to the 1 solo artist. Don’t get mad be glad because by studying why they are that will help you if you want to be a 1 rapper or solo artist someday.

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Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks rank the best rappers of all-time. Subscribe for more exclusive Joe Budden footage br.

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We wrote a list of the top 10 best baseball players of all time, and Babe Ruth is NOT number one. The all-time hits leader by a cool 67 over Ty Cobb, and almost over Hank Aaron, he didn’t even get to finish his playing career. Heck, he may have been the first member of the 5, club had he not been busted for gambling.

Now Charlie Hustle is mostly known as the best player not in the Hall of Fame. Though he is often credited as the first black baseball player in the Major Leagues, Jackie Robinson was actually the first after 40 years since segregation began in the sport, with several players having been in the league before But that distinction, while huge, is.

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We know that making a list of the top 10 female rappers is going to be controversialand we certainly can’t include everyonebut we feel the more attention drawn to the ladies of hip-hop, the better. So what went into our criteria? Basically, we looked for women who not only made game-changing contributions to hip-hop culture but also continue to influence the new generation of emceesmale or female. Their achievements speak for them and these ladies have continued to bring it hot to the audience.

Apparently, male rappers have their work cut out for them and need to watch out for these divas.

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And now, the top ten best poker players of all time so far. Dan iel Colman climbed to his spot on this list by besting Daniel Negreanu heads-up in the 1 million Big One for One Drop, pocketing the million prizethe second largest payout in poker history. The Englishman has spent considerable time at the top of the Global Poker Index player rankings, and broke through for his first World Series of Poker bracelet this summer at the WSOP.

Chidwick owns more than 5 million in online earnings, in addition to his live totals. Year-old Fedor Holz is, indeed, one of the best poker players in history. 10 Pot Limit Omaha Secrets Exposed.

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So, without further ado, here are the top 10 best soccer players of all time Franz Beckenbauer. Franz Beckenbauer is the number best footballer in the world of all time. He played as a defender for Germany and scored 14 goals during his appearances for the national team.

Franz Beckenbauer is one of the best football defenders of all time. His trophies include a European Nations Cup and World Cup. He was the captain of his side in both occasions. Diego Maradona is one of the greatest football players of all time from Argentina. Maradona was a great playmaker who was also very instrumental in helping Argentina win the World Cup. He is considered the king of dribbling in the world.

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For any of you interested in rap and hip hop, we have compiled a YouTube video counting down the top best rappers of all time. Please consider checking the video out and showing us some love. As hip-hop is a great interest of many of our members, we started up a new project Top Greatest Rappers of All Time. By Modern Spartans MC, September 18, in Music.

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Not everyone is a fan of hip hop but for some, it defines their existence. So, whenever you ask someone who their favorite rap artist is, chances are that you’ll get a different answer from each.

We have tried to put a list together which includes both old and new rap artists that are truly at the top of their game. Although hip hop is depicted as a young man’s game, many talented women are stealing the spotlight and with good reason. Old or new, the crop of female MCs is giving the men a run for their money.

These gifted artists have shaped the industry to what it is right now. And I can bet no one can take the place they have created for themselves. If you feel that the list of rappers is incomplete, why not add some more artists of your choice.

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The first Latin rapper to sell platinum. His heavy thunderous delivery and lightning-fast rhymes were second to none, though unfortunately his weight and poor health cut his life and career short.

He's mastered it all between wordplay, storytelling to club hits. Arguably the most consistent rapper of all-time, prolific and shifting his style every few years to adapt with the modern times.

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Top 10 female guitarists of all time, 10 best female rappers of all time, top 10 female rappers right now, top 10 fastest rappers, top 15 best female rappers mcs of all time review bmoctv, eminem bet top 10 rappers interview, top 10 most memorable music videos by female rappers, greatest rapper of all time mc progeria youtube, best female mcs of all time everyday struggle, shannon let the music play official video, top 50 female rappers of all time reaction, whitney houston greatest hits best songs of whitney houston full album, 10 highest paid black female rappers, the sugarh.

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The Definitive Greatest Rappers Of All Time Top 10 List. In Rap music there is a lot of references to being the best, the greatest, Number one, the GOAT Well today we are going to take a look at the greatest rappers in the genre and work out who t. Top 10 best rappers of all time All About Raps!.

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To top it all off, he has become so disillusioned that he now makes songs and videos almost exclusively about selling drugs. However, he did recently sign a suspicious million record deal so clearly someone has a taste for his music.

Nevertheless, he's not exactly my cup of tea. In the face of an onslaught of new age rappers asserting that Tupac is the most overrated rap artist of all time, I find it more than fitting to top this list with a rapper whose lyrics are literally to muddled to utter, Young Thug.

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