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Best things to bet with a guy how to bet on basketball on bet9ja

Friday 3st, November 2:15:6 Pm
Best Sports Betting Reactions - Putting Money On A Game Will Make Any Fan Freakout


Me and my guy friend love betting what are some good things to be on thats not like sports and the weather lol. Bet if the Cubs win the World Series, not only will he cook dinner but he'll take you to Europe! But easy now That's more crazy than any of that. I don't know, be creative and idealistic. Bet something that you like, a lot.

For example, I bet this girl that I woudl buy her some things and she betted me that she can have my crossgold chain cross.

Of course I lost so I gave up my cross to her for only one day. She even wanted it for a couple days but hell no! It can be something like that, in those terms. What are the perfect bets to attract him and get most of your deal? Thousands of girls agree to bet with guys of their dreams and still miss a chance to seduce them. The best rule to make a perfect bet is to choose an affordable one. Avoid betting on money, jewelry or anything expensive.

On one hand, it will not attract a guy you like. On the other hand, you might get your wallet empty or lose anything important. So, what flirty bets should you make? Below you will find a list of 5 great bets to make with an awesome guy. 5 Flirty Betting Ideas to Make With a Guy You Like. Although you win or lose, you will get the secret advanta. The best platform for big leagues tips with no limit bets and winning is Sportmarket, this is a broker company what offers bets of 12 Asian betting sites, so you can always bet with the actual best odds.

The complete procedure takes about 2 years, until then do not give up your job. I’m personally betting on NFL player props, which are two-sided bets with odds close to, and it’s perfectly possible to be more informed than the bookmaker as it’s a small market for them and they’re creating the lines using automated software most of the time. I’ve seen a few in the past 10 years, but here’s the thing.

The books would always limit you, once you start your winning streak. Overall you’d have to figure out not only a winning method, but a way to move around accounts, and money. I bet every guy who sees her falls in love with her shes so pretty! Asked in Relationships, Emotions. Does natalia manzur love ben conway?

You cant really make a guy intersted in you if you like the same things as him then make sure you talk to him bout that stuff. But you cant really make a guy like you. Your safest bet is to just be good friends with him!

A friend and you are planning a bet and whomever is the first to kiss a guy will lose so What should the punishment be? Why do you need someone else to answer that? Asked in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. The better question is "what is a bet you could win with God".

I bet god sees every sperm you ever shot as one of these children sorry man. Eh, we all know that one guy that would get super wasted for his birthday and wake up with an arm where his penis used to be. What impresses a guy most in bed? Surprisingly or maybe not so, guys do have a reputation for being lazy, most confessed that they're not all that interested in theatrics or trapeze acts.

In fact, many men told us that they're simple creatures who basically just want their wives to show up. But if you're looking to give him something extra-special, they'd love a little bit of this. You may be worried about what your husband thinks of your post-breast-feeding boobs, your C-section scar, or that at some point, he'll stop being attracted to.

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Even better if you get massage candles with an easy-pour spout so you can also transition into a sexy massage. Vacation sex is usually such a standout because you're on vacation, aka moving outside your go-to sex routine. But if you don't want to wait for a trip to have incredible sex, take a smaller tripto a different part of your home. Not only is this minimal work for you, but watching them work up a sweat while they do sex things to you is not the worst way to spend a Sunday.

Literally, everyone should do this more often. Things like trivia nights, basketball games, and even a Sunday morning jog are all good choices for guy friends because they allow for bonding time and also time for that competitive side to come through. Here are six more ideas you can try the next time you're about to hang out with the boys.

To make the most of the games you attend, why not put a friendly bet on the outcome? Say, the loser washes the winner's car for a month? Speaking of sports, it's also a good way to meet some new friends, too.

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Who doesn't like standing around a grill making a meal for your lady while sharing a beer with your guy friend?

So gather up your guy pals, some steaks, and a few beers and make an afternoon of it. Best Things To Talk About - You'll never run out of topics. The key to curating your personal list of interesting questions to ask a guy is to choose questions that fit the guy in front of you, not just a generic guy. Take a handful of the questions below so you’ve always got a good one available.

Here are 8 best interesting questions to ask a guy to get to know him Who or what is your nemesis? When you want to get to know a guy on a personal level, your best bet is with personal questions. We’ve compiled a fantastic list of personal questions to ask a guy and bring you the best of them below. Here are 5 best personal questions to ask a guy to get to know him What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen online recently. Andie That's a good idea, maybe we should bet on it. Ben You know what, you did your job now Andie.

Ben You wanted to lose a guy in 10 days, congratulations you did it. Andie No, I didn't Ben, cause you can't lose something you never had. Should this be higher or lower? Andie I did something kind of wacky.

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I bet you've lost a bet at some point in your life. But the price you had to pay probably wasn't as big as for the people included in this list.

We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link.

Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. I have already activated my account. A guy's getaway to Las Vegas offers thrills, clubs, bars, outdoor activities, and the shadier side of sin city with a map.

This is a list of things you should do to have fun without getting too crazy. If it's you and the guys, things might get out of hand, so you should have a plan for dealing with a little too much partying.

You can have a great time sharing a few drinks, enjoying a show, sitting poolside, and enjoying a round of golf. There's so much to do in Las Vegas, you'll want to return and try a couple's getaway or family vacation next time. 01 of Have a Few Starter Drinks. There’s no such thing as a sure thing in racing, of course, but in this horsewho boasts more than 2 million in lifetime winnings and is undefeated in his racing careerbettors have a thoroughbred that’s looking about as reliable at American Pharoah did three years ago.

This is good news for those who want to see a Triple Crown run, but bad news for those who want to see high payouts from their Preakness wagering. The bet 3 trifecta on Justify and Good Magic taking either of the top two places and anyone else coming in third. If you’re looking for a sentimental favorite, Diamond King is your guy his owners won the Preakness with Afleet Alex, and his trainer, John Servis, won the Preakness with Smarty Jones.

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Simple things men find attractive about a woman. If you are constantly asking what do guys find attractive in a woman? After reading this you might end up rethinking some previous ideas that you have had.

The common misconception is that think that men are attracted to only the physical aspects of a woman.

This might be true on one level but all men are not attracted by the same things. Though they are first and foremost drawn to women based on how they look, the level of their attraction does not stop there. What is the best way to deal with guys who bet and raise often, preflop and post flop on every street?

Where do I want to be sitting in. Nothing is more annoying than having a guy raise and reraise you in position all the time. Second, tighten your opening range. If someone is you preflop a lot, from any position, and you keep opening too loose and have to fold to a lot then it's a leak in your game.

Also, consider light depending on stack sizes if they are really that aggro. Some players just knowing most people won't call or reraise without a nutted hand live, which makes it the perfect time to with a hand like JTs or 89s.

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Guys with beards just have better product, and as someone who loves to put every item in a shower on my body all the time, there's nothing better.

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Sometimes I just brush my fianc's beard for hours. If your guy looks like someone the sons of Anarchy would run from crying, I bet he brings you flowers on the regular, the big softie.

Beards are like face sweaters, and who doesn't love to cuddle up with a cozy cardigan during the winter months? Snuggling your face in a soft beard is comforting and fun. If you’ve been seeing these guys for several weeks or months, I’m willing to bet there are a few things that either worry you or just plain annoy you.

Maybe Dave chews with his mouth open. Or has trouble talking about his feelings. You’ve asked yourself the hard questions. Let me leave you with a few tips to make the decision and then help you let one unlucky man down gently. I know you feel like the sooner you can figure out who you want to be with, the better. The ultimate information guide of the best betting sites for UK sports bettors Detailed operator reviews, banking, bonuses and more.

Modern online bookmakers are very keen to attract new customers and absolutely every betting operator tempts you with a Welcome Bonus’. The sign-up offers can be a great way of increasing your initial bankroll and give you more chances of winning. Some operators really put customer-satisfaction at the forefront of their business plan.

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Shroud and the Old Guys Club are back with two more matches and another one tonight 27th Enjoy! CSGO - Best of NFunny moments, Stream C9 highlights - Holk CSGO. QUINELLA With a quinella bet, you’re betting on two horses to come in first and second in any order. As long as your two horses finish in the top two spots, you win.

So if you placed a 2 quinella bet on horses 1 and 6, you can collect if horse 1 and horse 6 come in first and second in any order. Things move fast at the counter, especially a few minutes before post. You don’t want to be the guy holding up the line because he’s fumbling through his wallet looking for his 2.

Once you get up to the counter, what do you say to the teller so you don’t sound like an idiot and hold up the line?. Turns out nice guys don’t finish last. A study out of the University of Guelph and Nipissing University surveyed people in an attempt to better understand the relationship between altruism, attraction, and sex. The researchers asked participants about their sexual history as well as how often they engage in selfless acts, such as charity work and donating blood.

It turns out that folks who do good things for the sake of, well, being good, got laid more. Also, while the study didn’t explore this, we'd be willing to bet that selfless people are also selfless lovers, putting their p.

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Good Things Guy have recently launched bringing you good news stories in a weekly video. Watch this week’s edition below Facebook Comments. Tyler Leigh Vivier is a writer for Good Things Guy.

Her passion is to spread good news across South Africa with a big focus on environmental issues, animal welfare and social upliftment.

Outside of Good Things Guy, she is an avid reader and lover of tea. I don't usually think sinks are sexy, but this sink is sexy. Look what we rescued from the street!. Stranger Things might have television’s coolest characters and most awesome 80’s references, but most of all, it presents some of the funniest lines and memorable sayings that go down in history.

So,whether you choose to use them as Instagram captions, in conversation with your friends, or as an insult Dustin has loads of them, here are 22 of the greatest Stranger Things quotes to use in everyday life. Eleven’s one-liner and moment from season two might just be the best thing to come out of the show.

Check out these mind-blowing facts about Stranger Things, we bet you never knew The referencing of content from our website is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to "Tell Tales" as the source. There’s also the fact that my roommate made a bet with me find a date in 10 days or I’m subject to being sexiled for a weekend.

That would be severely inconvenient so if you could help at all that would be great! I would love to have a guys insight! See our guy’s response after the jump! My thoughts NYC is great I mean, so many people, so many things you can be a part of limitless options.

The best thing you can do to find a guy is be around guys that you like. Now, I know that sounds obvious, but in today’s society that usually translates to a bar or club if you’re single.

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Betting models, statistics, projections, step-by-step formulas, methods, mindset, investment focus and strategies I use for sports betting.

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They spent months searching for someone who will make good bets for them, did their best to understand sports betting, but there is so many bad information on the internet and it is hard to find what is truth.

They may even have spent thousands of dollars on subscriptions. All of this will usually lead to big disappointment, no matter if they find winning bettor. There is many other things that are important to understand in order to have chance to win at sports betting.

And I like to say, that picks are 30, like the training when it comes to fitness and 70 are other things that we must understand. Of course, betting isn’t low risk, but neither are most investments.

If you put your money in a stocks and shares ISA and choose which stocks and funds to invest in, you’ll soon find that each fund comes with a track record of losses and gains, and very few funds will be making only gains, even those managed by world-leading investors. Some people will tell you that gambling is addictive, while investing is not.

Two factors come into play here first of all, this is simply a fallacy. If we were to compare gambling with day-trading the act of taking money in and. It is a privilege to borrow them, and return them in good order.

I subscribe wholly to the philosophy that once I’m through it belongs to you, and interestingly, studies of women’s mental health have indicated that semen is a very good natural remedy. I’ve just one thing to say to the women’s libbers out there. It is so much fun being a man, absolutely brilliant, awesome. Anyway, must dash, the wife’s shouting me! These whores who get smashed in well and truly in porn how would they go on to have a normal relationship with one guy?

Bet they try but in the back of thier mind nothing will live up to getting gangbanged by 7 guys. Who knows how womens minds work though.i surely dont. Good Morning Betting Nation, If the you click the link below you will be taken to our secret Front Runners View post. Czech Republic V England England good things! I know I shouldnt love international matches like I do But im excited by what could be with this 1.

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You will love these cute things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile when he is mad at you, ignoring you or in an upset mood.

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You are my always favorite super hero with a super smile. I bet, you are the only reason, I quite cheese burgers. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't club, I'm a square, if that can't fit in your circle than find a different shape of person, simple.

When you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you don't need to check the news, weather or watch TV. It feels good to him to have you in his presence. He will do more than text and Facebook chat you. It's not a good thing for the country. Trump President of the United States of America s, January, About Ted Cruz in an interview on This Week somogymegye.us January 17.

So if I saw a guy standing still, and he wasn't wearing an old uniform, I just had to ask him to walk through furniture. If he stared at me like I was crazy, then I'd know he wasn't a ghost. Hansel Qiu’s extraordinary pineapple-inspired haircut is the result of of losing a bet to his cousin. The year-old student at the University of Calgary in Canada explained how he ended with a fruit-shaved head Heres a bit more background on the bet, in the beginning of the school year as motivation for schoolfitness, my cousin and I decided to have a GPApushup bet.

She ended up getting a across the board, which I wasn’t even close to,Qiu writes on Reddit. Best Teeth Whitening Product https style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete Pedro was enlightened when he asked the question, "what makes a man bad in bed." 10 Ways ANY Guy Can Look BETTER!.

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Some guys love nothing more than to eat your ass for hours, while others would wretch at the thought. So if you previously got great results with a certain hand job technique, don’t expect it to work equally well on your new man. Lastly, and most importantly, is understanding that great sex is a two way street. Your job is not to be your man’s sex bot, only concerned with pleasing him in bed, while he’s lazy about returning the favor.

Flirting is easy at the start of a new relationship, the hard thing is to keep it going once things become routine. Not only is flirting a great way to build up the sexual tension with your man, it will make sex a lot more pleasurable for both of you when you eventually get each other alone.

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What things do guys do that really get women off? We asked 25 twentysomething straight women about the best sex they've ever had. "He pushed me against the door, held me up and then threw me on a bed. While doing it, he held my hands up so I couldn't move and that was amazing!" Julia, It was one of my first encounters with a guy who genuinely asked me if what he was doing felt good and asked me what I liked to do in bed. This made the experience so much better because we opened up the discussion to what we both liked." Ellie, 5.

"The guy I'm with now really loves eating me out and it's so amazing especially when I look down and see him between my thighs watching for my reaction and all the bite marks he leaves all over my thighs.

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A guy becomes a good lover when he learns to listen to a woman’s body. See, not all women are the same. What feels good to me may not feel good to Nina. If you do those two things, you’ll be a better lover than most men.

From there it depends on how much effort you want to put it and how adventurous you and your partner want to me. Think of it as an adventure your both taking.

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If you want to learn how to turn a guy on and get him in the mood to have great sex, here are the best tips and expert advice on how to arouse a man and be sexy by trying some new things in and out of bed. If you're open to exploring some new things to do and say in bed, you'll be well on your way to seducing him in no time.

RELATED 5 Sexy, Seductive Things Women Do That Make Men Want Them Bad. Pay attention, because I'm going to offer you my best sex tips for some really subtle, fun and easy new things to try in bed that will turn him on and arouse him both mentally and physically. Experiment with talking dirty. Many people come to me wanting to learn how to talk dirty.

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Things Every Man Wants in Bed. The Women's Health Guy Next Door dishes on what most dudes are really craving. But the truth is, most guys are a little more predictable in their bedroom proclivities. We just want a sex life that’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and still occasionally surprising. Spontaneity It’s impossible for a couple not to fall into some kind of rut, even if it’s a shallow one.

So don’t ever be afraid to change things up. Pre-work sex, sex without penetration, and sex on the living room coffee table all do the trick. Just be sure to wipe it down before you put the magazines back.

MORE 11 Things That Make You Great in Bed.

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Couples should always invent new things to try in bed to spice up their sex lives. Find out some of the exciting things to take your romance to the next level. Not everyone is good at talking dirty with a spouse. If you have no clue as to how to talk dirty, your partner can show you how to go about it.

You can both start with the basics.

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Your real peak Can you please not fake it? It gives us false information to work with She came like this last time, so I’ll do the same thing again! Shaving your legs I know, I know. If a guy asks you to shave your legs or worse, gets mad when you don’t, he’s probably a jerk.

After all, you don’t ask him to shave his body hair, so where did he get the idea that he has the right to do the same to you? That said, there’s something so wonderfully silky smooth about shaved legs. There are few things sexier than a woman who takes off her clothes with a mission on her mind, and admittedly, it makes things a lot easier for us. Sponsored The best datingrelationships advice on the web.

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Guys love it when girls moan, but they rarely do it themselves. It’s so hot when guys swear and grunt in pleasure during sex. It shows he’s really into it, which turns me on even more.

-Amy, Undress me slowly to make things sexier. Ripping our clothes off is hot sometimes, but what I really want is to be unwrapped like a present, slowly and deliberately, and for my sexy lingerie to be appreciated, because it’s all for you.

Make sure you take care of her needs. When men finish, that’s the end of it. All they focus on is finishing. Guys need to control that urge and give the chick time to enjoy. Make sure I have an orgasm too before you roll over and pass out.

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If you get into a routine of preparing yourself for sleep, you will sleep better and wake more refreshed and happy, so read these ten things that happy people do before going to bed that mean they wake up in the morning with a smile on their face. People who sleep well know how important it is to wind down and relax before your bedtime. Some people take a hot bath, while others have a favourite bedtime hot drink they enjoy. They all have a night time routine that prepares their mind and their body for sleep.

You can’t sleep properly if you go to bed with your mind racin.

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Every guy has his go-to ways of making a woman moan, and keeping her coming back for more. But what if your signature moves just turn her off? It’s better to have a specific pet name for a girl, like Dimples or Sugar Pantssomething that’s just between the two of you, instead of baby’ or babe,’ says Lorraine. Look, all those intricate folds are fascinating. But staring down her lady parts during oral doesn’t make her feel appreciatedit’s just kind of creepy.

You’re overly commanding in bed. Yes, it can be totally erotic to be told exactly what to do between the sheetsbut, remember, there’s a difference between taking the reins and being controlling.

It’s nice when a man is in charge and he has a sense of confidence about him, says Lieser.

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But who am I to ridicule any guys for feeling funny about sharing a bed with another manthat was me for most of my life. I wanted to think of myself as one of those groundbreaking, post-gender dudes who’d be able to share a bed with another guy and not have it be a big deal. I guess it’s just never come up, I’d think to myself. I catch myself doing things like that all the time, which is promptly followed by the dread, shame, and horror of realizing I have a long way to grow.

Even if no one notices it, which might often be the case, it can be a humbling moment to realize that you’re not as far along on your journey as a human being as you might have hoped. You never sleep in bed with a brother, a friend?

Well if thats how american guys, i dont really have a problem.

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If my guy would do this with me and we get superhero coloring books with a bowl of popcorn to munch on, I don't think anything could make me happier than that. Sometimes its nice to be immature. Not immature in bad way though, not like annoying. More like building a fort and reading your favorite book from when you were a kid in it! If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to cuddle up and watch romantic comedies with your guy, recent marriage research has given you a perfectly good excuse.

In a study out of the University of Rochester, a team of researchers surveyed couples. Is that bad I want all of that if she gave me all that I would do my damn hardest to give her the word even if she don't want it.

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In this article, you'll learn what kinds of things make a text message really sexy for guys as well as see some examples of steamy texts you can send your boy candy. The reality is that it has never been so easy to excite a man, make him want you, and drive him crazy with desire. You'll be able to use any of these methods and get a positive response from that hunky guy you've been flirting with.

Your love life will thank you! I'd rather be in bed with you right now. Just finished pleasuring myself while thinking of you for about an hour.

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Some younger guys want flings, but some younger guys also want a long-term relationship with a woman they really like. The list below contains at least different things men want in a woman, in a relationship, in bed, when dating, and in life.

Also, it tells you a lot about what men don’t want. To understand men better you must unlearn what you’ve always believed to be true of men’s desires. In general, if you are top-notch in bed, AND you look good to him then you’re almost set. When you have a 10 in the looks department and a 10 in the bedroom you are a bombshell, so most men will tolerate you regardless of your personality. Good looks and great sex are the two most basic things men want from a woman prior to being in a serious relationship.

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Men like a good quest, so even if you've been together for awhile, allow your partner to court you. "Emotional intimacy is about closeness, but sustaining sexual desire demands a certain amount of distance," Dr.

How do couples strike this tricky balance? By allowing each partner to have what he calls "separate sexuality," or a sex life that doesn't include or betray the other. "For him, that might mean allowing his wife to use sex toys or letting other men look at her," Dr. "For her, it might be permitting him to watch pornog.

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Yes, guys will willfully ignore the patronizing. So, without further ado, a penguin, monk, and synchronized swimmer walk into a bar And fellas, if you need some corny material, start with the 50 Puns So Bad They're Actually Funny. Being sweet to a random toddler you see in a store, restaurant, or park. Whether it's in a store, a restaurant, or a park, there's something inherently attractive about a woman treating a young kid cutely so long as it's okay with the parents and not creepy, of course.

Even if a guy's nowhere near ready for parenthood, there's so Followed with a wink emoji, of course.

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A guy proposes to his girlfriend, who drops dead. His BFF tries to get him to date other women but he only talks about his dead big love. At a diner he proposes to a cute waitress just to get his BFF off his back. Tank faces the ultimate test of friendship when his best friend hires him to take his ex-girlfriend out on a lousy date in order to make her realize how great her former boyfriend is. Stars Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Jason Biggs. When he wakes up the morning after his bachelor party in bed with a strange woman, a man presumes he must have cheated on his fiance.

Guilt leads him to try to cover it up in the week before the wedding, high jinks ensue.

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The best thing a girl can be in bed is enthusiastic, like it's turning her on to be with me, as much as it's turning me on to be with her. That's really 90 of it right there.

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Shares] Best sexy texts examples to turn him on and make him hard. Copy-Paste spice up your sex life by sending him these dirty texts. I am lying on the bed right now thinking about you. What are your plans after our date tonight? What are you going to do with me? Tell me what would you do if we are locked up alone in a bedroom?

Would you love to mess up with me in my bed tonight? I am not in a mood to see a movie can you suggest other ideas that we could do together in the dark? As your relationship with a guy progresses, you can introduce different erotic messages, and dirty talk techniques to keep things hot and steamy in and out of the bedroom.

Some great examples you’ll find below I want to show you how naughty I can be.

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The bigger the penis is, the better the sex is. IRL, at or under 3 inches is a medical condition, 4 inches is just fine, 5 is average, 6 is average, 7 is big, and at or over 8 inches is stretching into gag penis territory. The human vagina is only about 4 inches deep, anyway, when unstretched, and most of the nerve endings are in the clit and the first inch.

And yeah, ramming even with an average dick can feel like getting punching right up the intestines. A woman seeing a 10 incher is more likely to.

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